Adobe commerce has welcomed many new and exciting updates this year, from Adobe Summit to Live Search using AI technology and Magento 2.4.3. We are introducing two of the latest announcements that merchants need to be made aware of surrounding the Adobe Commerce and Magento Open-Source Platforms.

Native Adobe Commerce Payment Services

Introducing Adobe’s very own native payment processing system, stripping back the need to partner with external specialist technology partners. Whilst this is still a viable option and very much successful, particularly for the larger businesses in a better position to negotiate terms, the native adobe commerce payment service gives the opportunity for the smaller merchant to grow. Providing accessible payments within the Adobe Commerce platform allows the merchant to be more flexible and customised, taking their business to the next level.

Native Subscriptions Extension Feature

81% of households are signed up to at least one subscription, seeing a 65% growth from 2020’s figures. Offering a subscription service can be expensive and complex to integrate, particularly from a development perspective. Being able to make it work in the background can present challenges, and whilst there are solutions out there for both Magento and Adobe Commerce stores, integration can be complicated. However, since announcing the native Adobe Commerce extension the complex integration will lessen.

Offering a subscription service to your customers can help with the following:

  • Increase revenue
  • Help Stock Forecasting
  • Build Customer Relationships
  • Grow Brand Loyalty

The new subscription and payment service is launching in 2021. For more information on how the Adobe Commerce and Magento Open-Source Platform can benefit your business, please get in touch today.

Olivia Ball

Content Marketing Executive