Adobe Pre-Release Access to Adobe Commerce 2.4.3-p1 and 2.3.7-p2 Are Now Available to Commerce Customers and Partners.

The Adobe Commerce 2.4.3-p1 and 2.3.7-p2 security-only packages are now available to Adobe Commerce customers and partners. As a commerce customer, you can evaluate the release and look into beginning quality assurance on your stores, preparing for remaining secure ahead of availability to wider consumers. Within the latest release, Adobe is providing additional security and protection to your online store, against DOS attacks, dangerous tags, unauthorised users, media gallery deletions and more.

What additional product updates are available today?

Live Search powered by Adobe Sensei

We have recently delved into the new product available through Adobe Commerce which is the powerful Live Search tool. With the latest update of Live Search, which is powered by Adobe Sensei, there has been a dramatic reduction in catalog onboarding and reindexing times. This means that your search results will reveal the latest and greatest product data on your website. The search tool is now providing even more relevant results by introducing results generated through partial word search in addition to full word search. The auto-populated results, therefore, reduce wait time when searching for a product on your store.

Product Recommendations

There are a variety of improvements here in Q4 when it comes to product recommendations. Merchants that use the Adobe Experience Manager, React or Vue.js now have the ability to integrate Adobe Commerce Product Recommendation units on the online stores. The latest update means the new recommendation units now highlight recently viewed products, including new ways to drive your online sales through revealing high view-to-purchase and view-to-cart conversion rates.

In addition to the new product updates available, Adobe has recently announced developments made in streamlining the upgrade process for the Adobe Commerce community. Upgrades are now easier to implement with release dates being more foreseeable including reducing the regularity of the releases each year.

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Olivia Ball

Content Marketing Executive