The next phase of ChatGPT’s evolution is the integration of GPTBot, a move that could bring more benefits than drawbacks if we chose to embrace it. This enhanced version of OpenAI’s technology involves ‘crawling’ web pages to increase the information and responses that ChatGPT can offer.

There are 3 primary benefits of utilising OpenAI’s bot technology:

1. 100 million people use ChatGPT each week

  • Missing out on maximising brand visibility
  • Ensure you’re brand is factually and positively represented
  • Some brands report getting 5% of leads from ChatGPT
  • Another way to leverage Digital PR strategies e.g. brand mentions

2. Generative Engine Optimisation (GEO)

  • GEO becoming a sub-practice of SEO, brands may fall behind if they don’t keep ahead of the curve

3. OpenAI’s Pledge to Minimise Harm

  • OpenAI clearly states “minimise harm” as one of the guiding principles of their platform
  • Policies to respect copyright and intellectual property and have stated that GPTBot filters out sources violating their policies
  • Contributing to the clean and accurate training data OpenAI uses to enhance and improve its information accuracy

Screenshot 2024-05-03 at 12.14.41.png


Eloise Heeley

SEO Executive