You've heard of Shopify but usually followed by the words Plus or Advanced. Unlike other platforms, Shopify offers multiple tiers to suit the smallest merchant up to enterprise level business, allowing plenty of room to scale easily. Let's take a quick look at the differences and what would be best for your business.

To start with, there are five tiers priced differently, with the functionality available to scale

Shopify Lite – Shopify Lite is a starter version for people selling via other channels and not yet needing an online store itself. These other channels could be via a blog, POS, Facebook, etc. Higher rates for payments. From £7 a month

Shopify Basic –Suited to start-up retailers, Basic provides a lot of the core functionality needed but with higher rates around payments. There are some features missing, like gift cards, and you’re limited to 2 users. From £19 a month

Shopify – Same as basic, but with more competitive rates and more features; these include gift cards, report builder, more POS features, etc. You also get up to 5 users. From £49 a month

Shopify Advanced – with a 15 staff account limit, the Advanced Shopify plan lets you create custom reports. It lets users track sales by referral sources such as Google Ads. This helps users to analyse and refine their marketing strategy. The same Shopify Payments rates as Shopify Plus but with a higher cost for using an external gateway. Shopify advanced also limits businesses to one store. From £249 a month

Shopify Plus – The best Shopify Shipping rates, Advanced report builder, additional customisation to checkout, access to automation tools Flow, Launchpad, Scripts, and new app Shopify Audiences. From $2000 a month

Check out the full feature and pricing breakdown [here](

Where Advanced starts competing with rates above the previous tiers and has upgraded reporting, this works ideally for small to mid-size merchants with a turnover under $1M in annual revenue.


Only Plus merchants have access to Shopify's automation software, Launchpad, Flow, Scripts, and the new feature Shopify Audiences. These allow merchants to automate marketing campaigns, discount offers, and improve locating high intent buyers


Advanced merchants can only host one store per account, however Plus merchants can have up to an additional 10 clone stores


Plus merchants can utilise multi-currency allowing them to reach wider audiences. Advanced merchants can only utilise local currency on a single store.


Plus merchants cannot make changes to the checkout, whilst Plus merchants can make certain custom changes

User Accounts

Shopify Advanced merchants are limited to 15 user accounts, whereas Shopify Plus have unlimited staff accounts


Both Advanced and Plus merchants are offered 24/7 support, however on Plus you're offered a dedicated Success Merchant who will be on hand to offer guidance with the soul aim to help grow your business.


Only on Plus can you take advantage of three of the most powerful and FREE tools that Shopify has to offer. Shopify Plus merchants receive access to a Launchpad, Flow, Scripts, and the brand new Shopify Audiences. This allows you to plan and automate everything from running a successful flash sale to a new Email Campaign and now finding high-intent buyers to help your paid ads perform better.


    Shopify Plus has a multi-currency feature that enables Shopify Payments to support a wide range of currencies. The most typical usage of Shopify multi-currency is localising currency based on a user’s IP. This feature is very advantageous for retailers who want to expand into new markets and attract international traffic. You can also have up to 10 clone stores that give users a good amount of scale, enabling merchants to truly customise international stores.

      Extra Functionality

      The Shopify checkout may be known for being rigid to customise, which is true if you’re on Advanced or a lower tier. Plus, merchants will have more autonomy over their customization, including broader styling, adding scripts, and custom messaging. New changes mean it can be utilised by users who need additional functionalities. As well as allowing for more than one store, Plus also allows for Wholesale / B2B stores


        Both Advanced and Plus merchants have access to Shopify’s 24/7 support. However, only Shopify Plus merchants are exclusively assigned a Launch manager to assist during the build and migration. They are also assigned a Success Manager, who is responsible for helping them use Shopify Plus and generally get more from the platform.

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