Company Information

Who are we? AYKO Digital Ltd

What services do we provide? Digital development and marketing

Company information: UK registered business – 11969326
Company address: Ls1 113 The Headrow Leeds, Yorkshire, England, LS1 5JW

Data Protection Officer (DPO) contact:
Anthony Langan – – 0113 833 0411 – 113 The Headrow, Leeds, LS1 5JW

Data processing related information

Data centre location: EU and USA

Main data storage service providers: Google Cloud Platform, Corefinity and various SaaS platforms

Pertinent registrations: Information Commissioner’s Office – A83000249

Sub-Processer information: We use Google Cloud Platform, Corefinity and various SaaS platforms to support our business processes.

Is our data processed/accessed from outside of the EU?

Data centres for these services are held in global locations. All of our sub-processors are fully compliant with GDPR and where necessary, hold Privacy-Shield certification.

Any members of staff outside of the UK have the same access to workflows from their working office as our UK team. The AYKO team is carefully managed through our internal policies and compliance protocol and complies with GDPR and appropriate data protection legislation.

Policies & procedures

AYKO, its employees and contractors operate within a number of policies. These are regularly updated and supported with relevant training.

IT security and usage

Data Management

Data Breach policy

Data controls

Data controls

Data is secured, and the integrity and confidentiality are maintained using technical and organisational means including:

Through our selected SaaS partners there is regular penetration testing and a full range of security protocols.

Data subject controls

Best practice processes outlined in our internal policies

We request written permission in advance:

  • To access client’s data and servers

  • To maintain a development instance locally with appropriate controls

Data anonymisation/pseudonymisation

A process to anonymise personal data during development is actively underway.

Data access permissions

Carefully managed through an independent encrypted secure platform server with access based on role and responsibility.