The Magento 2.3.4 release welcomed a Live Chat module powered by our partners Dotdigital among other new technologies and enhancements. The feature is exclusive for Magento 2 merchants who will have access to a free live chat agent, even if they’re not a Dotdigital Engagement Cloud customer.

As a marketing automation partner, Dotdigital is renowned for enabling brands to create real-time interactions and engaging experiences with their consumers. Their email automation platform was one of the first integrations to be bundled directly into Magento’s core codebase. To help further encourage purchasing decisions and solve challenges in real-time, Dotdigital’s Live Chat now enables B2C and B2C merchants to connect with their consumers through an interactive chat.

The Benefits of Live Chat for eCommerce

  • It’s convenient and quick for customers who are already in the buying journey as there is no need to dial a number or move away from a web page.
  • It saves merchants money as fewer Customer Services resource is needed.
  • It provides a competitive advantage if consumers are looking for an answer to a query before making a purchase. 
  • It increases sales, especially if support is provided at the checkout stage.
  • It increases customer loyalty as consumers feel you are there to listen and help.

While the free version within the release includes access to one agent, merchants may want to upgrade to have multiple agents and further technical support. For those that want to be able to use this conversational data to drive other experiences such as email marketing, we recommend upgrading for full access to Dotdigital Engagement Cloud.

Want to utilise Live Chat on your Magento store? As a Magento Solutions Partner, we can manage your Magento patches and upgrades and help you stay ahead of the curve.