Magento Commerce Order Management

Do I need Magento Commerce Order Management?

Magento Commerce Order Management gives merchants the tools to handle multi-channel sales and multiple stock sources by streamlining distributed order management, inventory management and omnichannel fulfilment.

  • Distributed Order Management allows access to orders across all sales channels including in-store, online, mobile and marketplaces. Allowing merchants to track supply and demand for products and enabling more effective order fulfilment.
  • Inventory Management provides the tools to bring all inventory data into a single location allowing better supply chain management by ensuring merchants are stocking the products that their customers want.
  • Omnichannel Fulfilment allows merchants to utilise their stores, suppliers and partners as distribution centres. Enabling the stocking and shipping of more inventory and offering customers more ways to receive their products such as ship-to-store in-store pickup.

Magento Commerce Order Management enables merchants to utilise what they already have, add new fulfilment channels quickly and offer more products to their customers.

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Magento Commerce Order Management makes omnichannel fulfilment and intelligent sourcing easy, helping merchants increase revenue through efficiency and control.

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