Magento 2.3.4 is the latest release of Magento 2, generally available on 28th January and available to Magento Commerce customers and partners for pre-release from the 14th January. The release includes substantial enhancements to security, quality, plus the introduction of new platform technologies.

Magento Commerce 2.3.4 Key Updates


Security Enhancements

Magento has added 30 security enhancements to avoid vulnerabilities, such as hackers accessing customer information or gaining access to the admin. Security enhancements to the core code include: 

  • Removal of custom layout updates and the deprecation of layout updates to remove the opportunity for Remote Code Execution (RCE).
  • Redesigned content template features so that only whitelisted variables can be added to templates. 

Magento has also taken this opportunity to remind merchants of other necessary steps to protect your Admin inc. IP whitelisting, two-factor authentication, use of a VPN, use of a unique location rather than /admin, and good password hygiene


Performance Boosts

Like with any other release, there are a host of performance boosts merchants will benefit  from, including:

  • Eliminated redundant non-cached requests to the server on catalogue pages.
  • PHTML files have been refactored to better support bundling.
  • The ability to disable statistic collecting for Reports module by default for performance reasons.


Page Builder Enhancement

Magento’s Page Builder also benefits from key enhancements in Magento 2.3.4, with several upgrades to improve usability and functionality. These updates include:

  • Improved product sorting
  • Improved product carousel
  • Content optimised for rendering on the storefront using the Venia Theme (PWA Studio). 


Inventory Management Enhancements

The enhancements to the inventory management functionality include fixes to well-known performance issues and GraphQL bug fixes, such as:

  • Addressed issue with higher than expected loads on the database server in scenarios involving the shopping cart.
  • Update to the Inventory Reservations CLI command to reduce memory usage.
  • Update to multiple quality issues, relating to credit memos, grouped products, source and stock mass actions.


Improved GraphQL

This release includes improved GraphQL coverage for search, layered navigation, and cart functionality. The following fixes are available:

  • Guest carts can now merge with customer carts. 
  • A customer can start an order on one device and complete it on another.
  • Filtering by customer attributes in layered navigation.
  • You can search categories by ID, name, or URL key. 
  • Fixes to product tax and product-level discount information.
  • Information about promotions and applied discounts at the line and cart levels.


New B2B Features

Magento is a keen favourite for B2B and hybrid retailers and with Magento 2.3.4 comes further improvements to their B2B offering. Improvements include:

  • Ability to export requisition lists into CSV format. 
  • Granular ACLs for B2B modules. 

Alongside the key updates we’ve touched on, there have also been many platform upgrades and infrastructure improvements which enhance the overall website security and core quality included in the upgrade.

For Magento’s full release notes, please see the following Dev Docs.


Magento releases product updates which include critical security updates quarterly, and you must keep up-to-date with them to remain secure and benefit from the platform’s full potential. For an experienced Magento agency, these upgrades are fairly straightforward and if your site is well maintained, they can be relatively pain-free. Still, the amount of time an upgrade will take depends on two main factors – the complexity of the site (i.e. the amount of custom and third-party functionality) and which version of Magento the site is upgrading from. 

Looking for support with your Magento patches and upgrades? As a Magento Solutions Partner, we offer Magento support packages to help you remain secure and ahead of the curve.

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