Investing in our employees and being a great place to work is crucially important to AYKO. Happy people make productive people, who ultimately deliver the best work. We wanted to find a way this could be rewarded, not only inside the workplace, but outside of the workplace as well. 

After shopping around and doing lots of research, Perkbox seemed like the perfect solution and ticked so many boxes for our 2020 Culture & HR Strategy. It offers both traditional employee benefits, as well as more eclectic and lifestyle benefits, which seemed the perfect fit for our dynamic workforce.

Partnering with Perkbox has definitely been the right decision. We aren’t even at the end of month one, and have already seen the Perks being used well, and have weekly employee engagement surveys running to give a great insight on each department. It is so nice to hear employees come to me to tell me how much cashback they have earnt in their wallet, or where they have been using their Perks, whether it be a free weekly drink from Caffè Nero, or a free Cinema ticket when out with friends on a weekend. 

Moving forward, we are planning on using Perkbox Polls and Recognitions to fuel Employee of the Month; something again we feel will help evolve our Culture and enable our employees to get the recognition and feel the value they deserve. 

For employee retention, we are hoping Perkbox will enable us to see an increase, as well as being an Employee Benefit that future team members look for and appeal towards when working on employee acquisition.


Charlotte Midgley

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