Face with tears of joy, see no evil monkey, pulling tongue face… how did we ever convey our emotions before the use of emojis? Emojis can translate our emotions effortlessly when we’re texting or DM’ing our friends, but does this mean we should incorporate them into our brand’s marketing efforts?

Before incorporating emojis into your marketing strategy, first, identify whether they’re appropriate for your brand and audiences. For instance, a fast-fashion brand may use emojis to be conversational and relatable with a young audience. In contrast, a luxury homeware brand may limit the use of emojis in order to be perceived as premium or aspirational. Emojis can add a visual element and a splash of personality to your content and social posts, and when used correctly, can encourage user engagement. According to Econsultancy, including an emoji in a tweet can increase engagement by 25%, while using them in a Facebook post can increase likes by 57% and comments and shares by 33%.

The Emoji Rule Book:

  • Always pair emojis with related text to support the message. 
  • The best placement for emojis is at the start or/and end of a sentence.
  • Don’t overuse emojis and spam content with them for the sake of it. 
  • Make sure the emojis have relevant meanings (visit Emojipedia to double-check each definition). 
  • Utilise social intelligence tools to choose emojis that are popular amongst your target audience
  • Encourage interactions with emojis, i.e. ‘Like this post if you agree! 👍’
  • Only use emojis when appropriate. If you’re talking about a serious topic, you may want to avoid going down the emoji route. 
  • Add impact to sales or announcements with attention-grabbing emojis, i.e. ‘📣🚨 Flash sale live tonight. 🔥’

So, we’ve established that emojis can be a valuable marketing tool if used in the right context to the right audience. Emojis are a simple way to add personality, colour and a visual element to your communications. While they can’t necessarily replace words, they can enforce the meaning of your message and give it the extra oomph needed to excite, persuade, or intrigue your audiences. 

Want to know whether you should include emojis in your marketing campaigns? It’s a thumbs up from AYKO. 👍

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