Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a useful consumer tool which allows users to search for, compare and shop for physical products across multiple retailers who pay to advertise their products. When results are displayed, each listing contains a thumbnail of the product from the retailer and that retailer’s price – hosted on a Comparison Shopping Service or CSS.

Since the service became a paid for service in 2012, Google Shopping has integrated with Google Ads to provide another avenue to advertise on Google alongside standard website results and text-only PPC results. Similar to the leading search engine, it indexes product data using specific search terms.

Google Shopping provides broad reach and scope to increase product visibility with your target audience. It also provides a visual element that the standard web search does not offer, by supplying a thumbnail of the product on sale, otherwise known as a Google Shopping Ad. In comparison to a text-based ad, it’s also proven to increase conversion by up to 30% according to Marketing Charts.

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