It’s no secret that social media has become a giant in the world of marketing. People no longer rely on newspaper ads or billboards to find out about the latest products or services, this information is now readily available across a variety of social media platforms, and easily accessible from your mobile or tablet. From remarketing to traditionally sharing content to driving engagement and building links, it’s never been easier to push your brand to a vast audience at a low cost. If you’re not currently advertising on Facebook, here’s why you should be.

Everybody’s using Facebook

Whether it’s for personal use or from a business perspective, there are currently around 2.41 billion Facebook users that you could be targeting with your brand. With 80% of these users being active monthly users, Facebook offers the largest social network worldwide. With access to such a vast audience to target, now is the perfect time to get stuck into the world of Facebook and reach out to the billions of users that are already the focus of your competitors’ campaigns. 

Targeting specific users

The targeting options on Facebook are outstanding. With the ability to target behaviours, interests, demographics, connections, age, location and language, you can tailor your ads to reach the right person, down to the very last detail. Getting deep into your ads targeting can really help to ensure your money is spent pushing relevant ads to people who have an actual interest in your brand. You then have the option to create specific audiences to target with your ads, such as website visitors and lookalike audiences, which is ideal for reaching out to users who have similar interests and likes to your existing customers.

Creating affordable ads

From the moment you set up your ads on Facebook, you have the choice of how much you wish to spend from campaign to campaign. Ads can cost however much you want, with the ability to set a budget during the first step of ad creation and an estimated audience reach highlighted for you to see from the amount set. Once your ad is live and you hit budget, Facebook will stop running the ad. With so many users, you can reach thousands of people from as little as £10, giving you a considerable advantage versus traditional radio and television ads. 

Increasing website traffic

By running paid ads on Facebook, you can instantly boost your website traffic and encourage new users to visit your site. Facebook ads give you the option to run a website click campaign, encouraging users that interact with your Facebook ad to visit your site by clicking the CTA. By using a lookalike audience for your Facebook ad, you can use your budget to direct the desired people with a clear interest in your brand to your site.

Utilising retargeting

If your business is currently using retargeting, then now is the time to make the most of this essential advertising method. According to eMarketer, 3 out of 5 online viewers notice and consider ads showing products they viewed from another page. Facebook Ads allow you to target those users who have previously visited your site, submitted their email address or used your app – therefore, connecting with customers who already know your brand.

Now is the time to give those active Facebook users the nudge they might need to interact with your brand or make a purchase! Get in touch with our experienced Marketing Team today to build your effective ads campaign and make the most of Facebook Ads.