Same aspirations. Collectively better. AYKO is a collaboration of two specialist development agencies, Two Jay and Vortex and digital marketing agency, Eralis. Together, as a full-service digital agency, we craft and grow market-leading eCommerce experiences with ingenuity, innovation and imagination.

AYKO: The ingredients to success

Mergers can often be difficult, but we think we’ve found the perfect recipe. Here are the core ingredients and reasons we decided to put our bold plans into motion:

  • AYKO is a collaboration of equals. All three agencies are founder-led, award-winning and have a credible and robust presence in their own right.
  • The three teams complement each other and have minimal crossover in terms of individual roles. Where one agency was lacking the other overcompensates, which means we can offer the same services plus expand our offering.
  • We have the same ambition and desire to truly serve the whole complexity of customer’s needs and offer an end-to-end seamless eCommerce experience.

Having met within the eCommerce ecosphere several years ago, Jamie Jackson (Founder and former Director at Two Jay) and James Hyett (Co-founder and former Commercial Director at Vortex and Eralis) recently began discussions to take their businesses to the next level. Working together to ensure the companies were a good fit before making the final leap.

When the time came for the idea to be presented company-wide, there was no denying the perfect culture fit and chemistry between the board of Directors, who also include Bruce Mead (AYKO CTO and former co-founder at Vortex and Eralis) and Steven Morris (AYKO CCO and former Director at Two Jay). Behind the scenes, the three teams have been busy working together preparing the brand for launch and have been very much looking forward to sharing the news with customers, partners and friends.

“Whilst the two agencies work in the same industry, we have previously focused our efforts on different sectors. In doing so, we have honed different skills and services, ensuring each is an expert in their field. This has meant the merger and strategic decisions have fallen into place quickly, as there is trust in the counterparts’ understanding and practical application of services in their respective areas. Independently, we saw the next stage of growth and were able to highlight weaknesses. It became clear that their journeys to date could be advanced significantly with cumulative effort in one entity. Seven years on from the formation of Vortex, with many lessons learnt and sacrifices made; I see this as the perfect balance of individuals and skills to help us realise our collective goals both personally and professionally.”


Meet the AYKO Directors

Left to right: Jamie Jackson (CEO), James Hyett (CBO), Colin Tickle (CTO, India), Bruce Mead (CTO) and Steven Morris (CCO)

Benefits for our customers

The benefits for our customers are endless as it gives them wider access to our team of industry experts, including eCommerce consultants, certified developers, UX specialists, digital marketers and performance analysts. Our new team architecture will better serve our customers end-to-end while our pricing will remain competitive.

We currently have six city locations including Manchester, Leeds, London, Sheffield, Dublin and Nagpur, with expansion plans to open further offices worldwide. Connecting with more retailers and partners and maintaining positive face-to-face relationships.

As a company, our vision is more ambitious, but our promise to create excellent eCommerce solutions remains the same; as does our commitment to deliver the highest quality service with passion and integrity.

“Being part of an innovative agency which supports all aspects of eCommerce is very exciting for ourselves and our customers. We’re now the largest Magento Solution Partner in the UK and have big plans to accelerate our global expansion. I’m very much looking forward to seeing what the future holds for AYKO.”

AYKO soft launch at eCommerce Show North

Excited to share the announcement with our customers, partners and friends, we launched AYKO at eCommerce Show North ahead of its official launch date of June 1st. We have so far been delighted by the positive response we have received and are very much looking forward to sharing more news and updates as they arise.

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