Whether you’re on-boarding with ourselves or commissioning the audit as a one-off piece of work, the output of the audit will include a list of recommendations will make your eCommerce platform more stable, secure and scalable.

Our comprehensive Magento 1.x and Magento 2.x code audits cover all areas of your Magento website. They are designed to help us get up to speed with your site as well as provide a list of actionable tasks which we can help you apply, or you can take back to your in-house team or existing development agency.

We have worked on Magento since 2008, and during this time we have worked on both Community and Enterprise additions. In recent years, we have been leading the way with Magento 2 and have launched over 30 Magento 2 website since October 2016 – with 6 of those launched on Magento Commerce Cloud.

Our audit specialists have achieved all of the available Magento certifications for developers and solution specialists and are well equipped to take a deep dive into your code.

The point in time audit of the Magento codebase


Review of the core code. Inclusive of a comparison check between your platform and an ‘off the shelf’ Magento instance of the same version.


Assessment of the security patches and known vulnerabilities


Review of hosting supplier and server architecture


Website and database performance review (if tools like New Relic are installed).

The Process


Our audits are ready within 2-4 weeks, following official sign off. If you need a response sooner, please let us know, and we’ll endeavour to get it to you quicker. Once complete, we’ll arrange a meeting to discuss the audit findings.


The audit will include Recommended Remedial Actions (RRA) and any issues identified for further investigation will be numbered with an RRA reference and coloured on a RAG scale of Red, Amber, or Green (with red being the most critical priority areas).


If you are on-boarding with AYKO, we would add these tasks to our initial backlog with you and prioritise accordingly. If you are commissioning the audit as a ‘one-off’ piece of work, we can give you an estimate of how long it would take us to resolve these issues.

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